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YOU HAVE A POWERFUL website / blog, many subscribers in social networks or base of email subscribers?

2Event is a mutually beneficial partnership for both sides: the organizer can reach a larger audience, and owner of the powerful site can capitalize on his resource!

For organizers:

  • significantly increase sales - referrals raspronyat your event through their own channels
  • Increase media coverage of the event - information about the event will appear on the powerful media platforms
  • let everyone know about the event - hundreds / thousands / millions of people can learn about your event through referrals

For referals:

  • earn extra fees, helping organizers with ticket distribution
  • give your audience a media fresh and interesting content - be useful for the audience
  • use your media channels all the time - monetize your traffic

For organizers:

Let organizations and individuals distribute your tickets:

  1. allow "Referral program" in the settings of your events
  2. specify % of fee that you are willing to motivate distributors
  3. partner remuneration pay the organizer

When "referral system" is turning on - "Become a partner" button will appear in the widget with your tickets.

Anyone can push the button and get a "referral link" or "referral widget with the tickets".

A referral ID generated in each of them.

Your partners may place a link on their resource, in a post in social network, in e-mail mailing list or blog.

Also you can use the referral links for tracking conversions for each of the channels where you advertise.

For example, generating for each post, or an employee of a separate mailing link. Processing this 2Event analytics platform is free of charge.

When someone buys a ticket through the referral’s widget, the referral will earn % of the sale of each ticket.

In the "Referral System" you will see all connected referrals and conversion statistics / purchases each connected referrals and amount.

For referals:

Get on the referral charges, assisting the organizers with ticket distribution:

  1. select an event that will interest your audience
  2. click "become a partner"
  3. copy the link or widget code for your site


For each ticket purchased through your referral widget / link you will get %.
The statistics of purchases, conversions and earnings you will see in the table in your profile.

You’ll get your % until the 10th every month.

View all events with the referral system

We will be happy to answer all your questions, please contact us - support@2event.com

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